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Athens City Center

The heart of present day Athens is fashionable Plateia Syntagmatos which lies below the imposing mass of the Old Royal Palace. Plateia Syntagmatos, which translated means Constitution Square, commemorates the constitution granted by Othon I in a proclamation from the balcony of the Palace on the night of 3rd September 1843.

The OLD ROYAL PALACE, which since 1935 has housed the Parliament, was designed as the residence of King Othon, at his own and his father’s expense, by the Bavarian architect Friedrich Garther and built between 1834 and 1842.

At the foot of the west facade of the Old Palace is a large square bounded on three sides by walls on which, in evocation of the ancient custom of hanging the victor’s shield in the temple, are set bronze shields flanked by the names of the many victories won by Hellenic arms since National Independence. Built into the center of the retaining wall is the TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, a relief impressive in its simplicity, which depicts a dying hoplite. This work is by the sculptors Constantinos Demetriades (1881-1943) and Phokion Rok (1886-1942), and was unveiled on 25th March (National Independence Day) 1932.

South of Plateia Syntagmatos lies Leophoros Amalias, which is so called after King Othon’s consort, who, with the horticulturist Friedrich Schmiedt, created the delectable retreat adjoining the Old Royal Palace that we know today as the NATIONAL GARDEN. The National Garden is open daily from sunrise to sunset and the shade of its multitudinous trees provides a cool and peaceful oasis in the heart of the city.

On the east side of the Garden are the busts of Capodistrias and Jean-Gabriel Eynard, a great Swiss philhellene who donated large sums of money to the cause of Greek Independence. Both these busts are the work of the famous Pelopennesian loannis Kossos. Other busts in the National Garden are those of three leading Greek poets of the 19th century: Dionysius Solomos of Zante, who is considered the national poet; Aristotle Valaoritis, also a native of the Ionian Islands, and Jean Moreas, which was the nom-de-plume of loannis Papadiamantopoulos, an Athenian who lived the greater part of his life in Paris.

Contiguous to the National Garden is a large public park called ZAPPEION after the brothers Evangelos and Constantinos Zappas of Epirus, who donated it with its splendid exhibition hall to the Nation. On either side of the entrance to the exhibition hall stand statues of the donors, that of Evangelos by loannis Kossos; that of Constantinos by Georgios Vroutos. Among the many pieces of statuary by famous sculptors is the bust of loannis Varvakis by the master Leonidas Drossis. Varvakis is best known as the founder of the renowned boys’ school, the Lykeion Varvakeion, for the endowment of which he bequeathed his huge fortune. Other busts include those of Constantinos Paparrighopoulos, the greatest historian of Modern Greece, of Stephan Dragoumis, the most prominent political personality during the Macedonian struggle (1903-1909), and of George Souris, the leading satirical poet of his times.

A short distance from Plateia Syntagmatos, on the right of Odhos Panepistimiou, we come to a Renaissance edifice of Italian inspiration. This is the NUMISMATIC MUSEUM, which contains a rich collection of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins, cameos and seal-stones. Built by the noted architect Erst Ziller in 1878, it was the private residence of the illustrious archaeologist Henry Schliemann.

Silent Killers – 5 Diseases that you don’t know you have

1.) Osteoperosis

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone thickness and bone quality. There is typically some loss of calcium too. Individuals for the most part don’t understand its indications till late in the infection. Common side effects are obscure body torments which are composed off as “developing old”. Normally, taking customary calcium supplements in females and a decent admission of calcium rich nourishments in guys will suffice to forestall osteoporosis. In the event that you are getting serious bone torments, you ought to approach the Doctor for offer assistance. Likewise, consider dropping a note with your restorative reports and converse with our Doctor on the web.

2.) SIDS – Sudden Infant Death disorder

SIDS is an ailment that happens in youngsters or all the more absolutely neonates and newborn children. These are youngsters from the age of 1 month to 1 year. SIDS is terrifying a direct result of its capricious nature and that it doesn’t have a distinct cause. It can happen in any tyke and is believed to be connected to respiratory issues however this connection is not demonstrated.

3.) Heart ailment

A great many people when discussing coronary illness just consider heart assaults. In any case, coronary illness is a major host of maladies from atherosclerosis to conduction absconds. A few infections like atherosclerosis, in which there is fat affidavit in the courses, happen gradually and side effects are not felt till late in the malady. They don’t generally happen just in hefty individuals and thin individuals may likewise be burdened. These way of life are critical to hold under tight restraints. One trap is to complete a Health Check each year and request that the Doctor check the outcomes. You can likewise profit our Doctor on Demand office to get your outcomes inspected.

4.) Mesothelioma

A mesothelioma is a tumor of the lung and is normally just distinguished late in the ailment arrange. It will start to influence the lung work and later create metastasis and may prompt organ issues. Mesotheliomas can create more than 50 years of time. One of the causative components is Asbestos. Asbestos was utilized beforehand to make structures and individuals in these old structures are probably going to experience the ill effects of this. Asbestos is currently restricted, be that as it may, on the off chance that you live in an old house, it is great to get the house checked for asbestos. Asbestos houses were last developed to 1990. Likewise, get your lungs checked with a X-beam to check for any tumors on the off chance that you are in uncertainty.

5.) Silent MI

In spite of the fact that we have effectively secured heart maladies, a MI or a coronary illness merits unique specify. It is essential to say that up to 25% of heart assaults can be quiet and without any side effects or even trunk torment. The individual would be okay one minute and without any notices of torment would all of a sudden end up noticeably oblivious. The procedure is one of moderate blockage of veins of the heart. In the event that you begin getting short of breath after negligible action, you may have some pathology. Consider composing your indications to Ask The Doctor for assessment or Speak to a Doctor Online.